xpos.it was a concept of a new solution to publish professional websites by Eden Vidal. It went into development after receiving attention, and eventually canceled.

Go from design to execution, fast.

Visually bind your static HTML files into custom and dynamic CMS.

1. Upload Assets

Upload your static site folder, HTML, CSS, JS etc.

2. Bind the Data

Bind content and make it editable and dynamic.

3. Launch & Edit

Deploy your site in a snap, and start managing it.

Web Design, meet Data Binding

Goodbye messy templates

xpos.it doesn’t interfere with your design. It works with any HTML/CSS/JS. You can use Bootstrap or any front-end framework. Just focus on what you do best.

Set your content the way you want

With our visual query engine, it's easy to define and customize how content will be displayed - You can filter your content, sort it, or put limitations. You set the rules, then your clients just fill in the content.

Let us handle the infrastructure

xpos.it has an agnostic content structure, making it easy to create complex structures in minutes. There’s no need to make changes in database schemes or write code. You can start from scratch or use “out of the box” presets and modify them visually.

Content is King while Creativity Rules

A truly flexible Content Management.

xpos.it supports the needs of both content managers and creative teams. It’s a publishing platform that focuses on easy content management at any scale.

Goodbye complex dashboards

Say goodbye to admin interfaces and forms. Edit your content on the page - exactly as it will appear. No surprises.

“Zen” publishing is here

Relax, xpos.it is for Zen people who appreciate non-distractive editors that give them only what’s necessary in order to focus on their content without breaking the design.